The jury of VIII Kinodot EFF has made a decision!

The Jury Statement

Thank you to Kinodot for the opportunity to see amazing work by the filmmakers. Despite the global lockdown, the festival has taken us on journeys across the world, engaging us in a diversity of people and places…from the blazing fires raging through California to remote cave-dwellers in the mountains of Vietnam and the foaming lakes of Bangalore.

Best Film (awarded to two films):

1: The film guides us through a fragmented narrative, into a personal world of childhood memories and psychiatric dilemmas that explore universal  existence. Mixing materials and meanings, it explores layers of history and memory. To quote the film “How we place our bodies in relation to each other is the start of politics.” Congratulations to Gernot Wieland for Ink in Milk

2: This film is an extraordinary fine and poetic work, which uses familiar methods in unexpected and new ways.  And provokes the questions: is repetition our only support, are these monstrous ships a good reflection of human nature. Congratulations to Max Hattler for Serial Parallels

Special Mentions:

We would like a special mention to Bab Sebta by Randa Maroufi. An innovative reconstruction of the theatre of the trafficking of goods and people in a highly pressurized border zone.

We would also like to give a special mention to The Tree House’ by Minh Quy Truong, a Poetic meditation on the fragility of memory; an exploration of image-making itself, that questions the meaning of home and our personal or collective belonging to place.

The jury: Rebecca Garrett, Anastasia Senchenko, Nick Jordan

Greeting from Gernot Wieland, director of Ink in Milk

Greeting from the team of Serial Parallels

Iresa CHO (left, animation, photography), “Ria” Riwen ZHANG (2nd left, animation, photography), Sky KUNG (3rd left, additional sound – the main sound design was done by David KAMP) and Max HATTLER (right, director)

Greeting from Minh Quy Truong, director of The Tree House

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all participants, jury members and viewers!