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The Lake and The Lake 

by Sindhu Thirumalaisamy, India/USA, 2019, 38’

The Lake and The Lake dwells in the peripheries of Bellandur lake in Bangalore, "India's Silicon Valley", where the act of observation is interrupted by flying foam,  noxious gases, daydreams, and questions from passers-by. Despite its spectacular toxicity, the lake remains a valuable resource and refuge for counterpublics. Standing alongside fishing communities, migrant waste workers, private security guards, street dogs, and children, it is evident that there is no nature that doesn't also include all of us.

"The lake is choked with dense white foam that is lensed with lyric abandon in the film’s surreal opening. It appears like movie snow floating in the ghost light. In the artist’s words: “bubbles of wealth surrounded by pools of neglect.” Could something so beautiful be toxic?

On a sunset balcony a friend or familiar poses her camera-phone against the skyline, and flicks through a hundred views, variations on a theme, offering a rosy hued, sundrenched beauty. But where is the garbage, the shit, the unwanted? Cropped and disappeared. As if one could become a tourist in the only city one’s ever lived in. 
In place of a polemic, a broadsheet, or an overview: there is a search. An attuning. A being with." - Mike Hoolboom. Read full essay about the film at


by Marina Smorodinova, France, 2019, 15’

A kommunalka in a city center of Saint-Petersburg : seven rooms, a shared kitchen, long corridors. Between yesterday and today: a few hours of the life of its inhabitants.

Serial Parallels

by Max Hattler, Hong Kong, 2019, 9’

This experimental animation approaches Hong Kong’s built environment from the conceptual perspective of celluloid film, by applying the technique of film animation to the photographic image. The city’s signature architecture of horizon-eclipsing housing estates is reimagined as parallel rows of film strips: Serial Parallels.

Bab Sebta

by Randa Maroufi, Morocco, Spain, 2019, 19’

Bab Sebta is a series of reconstructions of situations observed in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave on Moroccan soil.
This place is the scene of a traffic of manufactured goods and sold at a discount.
Thousands of people work there every day.

*not available in some countries by request of right-holders

Medusa and The Abyss

by Felicity Palma, USA, 2019, 11’

Notions of belonging and the ethics of travel are questioned through female rite and ritual, pointing at the pervasive and contradictory presence of history and myth in present-day Sicily.